Jessica's guidance and expertise has allowed me to gain significant control over I.B.S. symptoms that have had a detrimental impact on my life, work and even self-esteem for over a decade. This has been achieved without resorting to drugs or backing down from a strict vegan diet, and with tight constraints from being male, active and tall with the metabolism of a furnace.
The results to date have exceeded what I originally thought possible and I may be able to make further progress as I enter the last phase of the process I am working through. I urge anyone in a similar position to seek qualified help and not rely on the "Google healing" approach. It is worth it.

Jessica not only created a balanced, delicious meal plan but she helped change my whole attitude towards food with an added benefit of losing 10kgs healthily. I have more energy and confidence now than I've ever had.
Thank you Jessica!

Jessica is super epic! Humorous, practical, realistic, real and hugely knowledgeable. This is not a job to her, more like her purpose! And it's an area that can make a huge difference to people and the world! So glad I found her!

Hippocrates wrote: " let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.", Jessica embodies this in her approach to nutrition. She truly has been a game changer in my life, she approaches her patients with patience and enthusiasm and has been a beacon of light on my journey to well-being. She is a consummate professional who blends cutting edge science with a timeless wisdom.

Dear Jessica
These recipes look incredible! This meal plan looks easy and delicious!
You are really amazing at your job... I have been to my fair share of dieticians and Doctors ( some of which landed me in hospital due to lack of consideration for my disease) But your care and passion really shows and I just want to thank you for your dedication and research.

You may not know the quality of Dieticians out there but you are way above the ones I have been to.
Thank you so much!

With an upcoming breast reduction surgery, I decided it was imperative to lose weight. I wanted to be in the best health possible for a surgery I had longed for and saved up for for nearly 10 years. Furthermore, I had started to become more conscientised about the meat and poultry industry and that led to understanding more about the dairy industry too. Coming from a home that has always eaten animal products and by products - and strongly advocated for their health benefits - I had no experience of eating or cooking plant based foods. So with all of this in mind, Jessica came into my life. Although we met only twice, her advice, knowledge and subsequent support has been invaluable. Her meal plan took all my needs into account and the information it came with was practical and easily accesible for the lay person just beginning a healthy way of life and/or attempting a plant based lifestyle. In the wake of our time together I was able to lose 6kgs in the space of about 2 months in preparation for my operation and continue to enjoy an abundance of delicious food without ever feeling restricted or guilty. Thanks Jess

I decided to seek help from Jessica at a time in my life where I felt more lost than ever in the contradicting health information available to us. I already knew that a plant-based diet was a step in the right direction, but I didn't know how to practically implement this diet in my life in the healthiest way so that I could become the physically best version of myself. Jess helped me by providing an easy meal plan, correct supplementation and other health tips. I went from almost 68 (67,7)kg to 63kg in only 2 months and have been able to maintain this weight for the last 4 months with ease. I'm really grateful for her help because it helped me to feel like myself again and have more self-confidence.

I have been a client of Jessica’s for a year, having been inspired by her to change to a plant-based diet in an effort to lose weight. I have huge appreciation for her guidance and support through this process, and especially value her:

-insight and knowledge on nutrition and health –especially veganism

-ability to motivate me through clear explanation and practical ideas that have been easy to apply in my busy life

-personal connection and genuine interest in my health and progress.

I have lost 15kgs in 12 months, and my health has improved beyond my expectations. The transition from eating meat and dairy to a plant-based diet has been easy and enjoyable – thanks mainly to Jessica’s input. I highly recommend her.

“Hey Jessica, I completed the Wild Corridor mtb event, my stats 275km | 18h13min | 4564m elevation gain. Never bonked, felt energetic (except the last day a little due to surprise period), lost 2kg which isn’t bad. I’ve never ridden this far. This hard, this fast, all manner of PB’s. I wanted to thank you and your fabulous nutrition guidance for helping me achieve this. I am so proud of myself.”

Jessica is experienced, knowledgable and very supportive. Her sound and sensible advice was delivered in a way felt attainable. Regular updates and check-ins made me feel comfortable and held. Without Jess, I would have been totally lost with how to heal my body and mind. I am eternally grateful for helping me achieve a healthy body weight through nourishing plant foods.

I consulted with Dietitian Jessica Kotlowitz two years ago. I was 55 at the time and my cholesterol had been gradually going up from the time that menopause had started which was at about age 48. At the time, I was exercising at a moderate level and eating relatively healthy, (hardly much red meat) and yet, my cholesterol would not budge. My cholesterol reading was 5.8 which my Physician said was not too bad and did not recommend statin drugs. However, the ratios between LDL, HDL and Triglycerides were not normal, and I felt dissatisfied and determined to improve these scores. Jessica suggested I eliminate meat and chicken from my diet, and increase plant based foods, eg more vegetables, fruit, wholegrains and legumes. After a month or two, I suddenly started to realise that I did not miss meat or chicken and that in fact, when I did try eat it, I had lost all desire. The transition to plant based eating was easy for me, it was gradual and it felt natural for me to eat an abundance of vegetables and fruit. I also enjoyed the legumes and wholegrains. I started feeling more energized, my BMI improved. Next I gave up dairy products and eventually eggs. My immunity improved and all the sinus infections disappeared. I no longer needed antibiotics and cortisone to treat my sinuses. Jessica sent me for regular cholesterol blood test checks and eventually after 14 months of plant based eating, my cholesterol came down to an ideal score of 4.6 and all the ratios were perfect. I was so thrilled with Jessica’s excellent and professional advice as well as her clinical approach to diet and health. I have been Vegan now for two years and will never look back. I would highly recommend Jessica Kotlowitz as an outstanding and professional Dietitian

“Just wanted to say that I’m down 8kg and have personal bests this year for both 10k and 21k road races. So thank you!!”

“Hey Jessica, I just wanted to give you an update on my ride. I completed the Wild Corridor mtb event last week, I managed 275km over 4 days, which included a staggering 4564m elevation gain, 40 degree temps and head winds, we got everything thrown at us, and I was the only female who did the entire thing. I’ve never ridden this fast, this far, and climbed this much, and I never bonked. Your dietary advice and guidance was instrumental to this achievement. Thank you so much!”

“My husband and I have only been on this eating plan for 4 months, and the results are incredible! He has lost 10kgs, and my elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels have come down to normal.

Jessica explains the concepts very well, and although it takes a bit more time and effort to prep the food, it is totally worth it. We feel totally satisfied and well nourished.”

“Hi Jessica, thank you for reawakening my vegan healthy life journey! You are such a gentle wise person with vast knowledge on medical issues and how food can heal - I Highly recommend your love-filled guidelines and knowledge! All the best, long may you offer alternative and complementary ways to healing!”

“So nice to finally go to someone that's up-to-date with all the latest studies and actually gives relevant advice to help one's conditions rather than recycling the same outdated and often counter-productive adages we can't seem to escape from. Jessica's own transition to a plant-based diet and the benefits she personally experienced clearly show in the passion and personal attention she gives her clients. Highly recommended.”

“Jessica inspired me to become healthier and since then I have enjoyed every minute of eating a plant based diet - so nice to have a dietician that is up to date”

“I’m so happy- after 4 months I’ve lost weight and I’m really enjoying this way of eating. It takes quite a bit of planning for us, but the amazing results make it worth it. My fridge is full of different types of plant foods and our bodies full of nutrients.”

“I just had my cholesterol tested and it’s 4.6! Down from 6.4 last year! Seriously thank you so much for helping me get here 😊.”

“Felt totally comfortable with you (even though we aren’t vegetarian or vegan) you were practical about your advice and cut through so much of the hype / fear mongering.”

“Thanks so much Jessica! Honestly, best money spent. “