Jessica Kotlowitz is a Registered Clinical Dietitian who is passionate about the use of plant-based diets for the treatment and prevention of obesity and chronic diseases of lifestyle such as Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer.

Jessica qualified with a Bsc. in Dietetics from Stellenbosch University in 2012 after which she completed her Community Service year at Baragwaneth hospital in Johannesburg where she focused on all aspects of clinical nutrition, including Paediatric and neonatal nutrition, renal nutrition, surgical nutrition and oncology nutrition. She began her Masters degree in 2014 and began to research the effects of plant-based diets in an attempt to find solutions to some of her own health problems. After losing 15kg’s and drastically transforming her own health with the use of a plant-based diet, Jessica went on to open her own private practice in Cape Town which focuses on helping others to achieve optimal health using abundant plant-centred diets.
Since her practice has opened, she has helped dozens of people to successfully transform their health and improve their quality of life. She also focuses on helping athletes, pregnant women, lactating women and children to achieve optimal health, well-being and performance while following vegan or vegetarian diets.

Jessica graduated with her Masters degree in Nutrition in 2017 and aims to use her skills as a researcher to further evaluate the scientific literature and spread the message of a plant-based diet.

Jessica Kotlowitz,   Registered Dietitian

Jessica Kotlowitz,
Registered Dietitian